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From European servers this channel is for Full Spectrum Ambient. Provided in two streams of 128 kbps mp3 and 64 kbps AAC+. It gives near CD quality audio which sounds great on the home sound system or even better through good quality, full frequency headphones.

Below and to the right are the stream ip addresses, to use a player of your choice on your PC or mobile, simply copy and paste the ip into your player.

Moon Phase Radio - Ambient 128 mp3

Moon Phase Radio - Ambient 64 AAC

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Mirai No Hagaki - Stellar Odyssey

The track "Stellar Odyssey" by Mirai No Hagaki, now playing on M.P.R Ambient.



Mirai No Hagaki and TL30 are leading figures in the ambient music scene, dedicated to creating soundscapes that transport listeners to other dimensions. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, they continue to push the boundaries of ambient music, shaping its future and inspiring listeners around the globe.

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Glen Neff - Eternal Awakened

"Eternal Awakened" the new single by Glen Neff, now playing on M.P.R Ambient.



Santa Fe musician and painter Glen Neff fuses his love of instrumental melodic improvisation with a steady hand in the digital studio. Blending spacial sound sculptures and globally influenced electronic music with melodic jazz improvisation. Ambient/chill is one definition given to this music, Neff's work will tickle that perhaps dormant spot in your ear canal in some pretty intriguing ways. While there is a heft of traditional African, Punjabi-Bhangra, Eastern European and Middle Eastern influence running through Neff's rhythmic and vocal-sample veins, Neff deftly adds more contemporary meat to the musical muscle, with layers upon layers of synth, live instruments, effects, drum programming and out-of-left-field genre inclusions. It takes a careful listen to sift the latter out, but it’s worth the ride if you want a mellow escape.

News Flash! - Glen Neff's music is being released with the Monroe Institute for use in study/meditation programs.

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