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From European servers this channel is musically bias towards Downtempo, Lounge, Chill, Chillstep, Lofi and Future Bass. Provided in two streams of 128 kbps mp3 and 64 kbps AAC+. It gives near CD quality audio which sounds great on the home sound system or even better through good quality, full frequency headphones.

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Latest News

Koyla Tensky - Nomads

The new 'Nomads' EP by Koyla Tensky, is now featuring on M.P.R Chill.



Released April 17th, 2024

World renowned Cellist Ilya Tensky and Music Producer Koyla Unite to Release Experimental Electronic Album 'Nomads', from Bombay Records.

This EP offers a mesmerizing sonic journey that would fit perfectly on the soundtrack of HBO’s “White Lotus” or Apple’s “Severance.” Hypnotic, intense and gripping, the duo immaculately features the enigmatic, pervasively beautiful cello, taking center stage as it is joined by a backdrop of sometimes frenzied, cacophonous percussion - moving the listener through a tense, dramatic and unexpected thrill-ride. No stranger to fusing classical instruments with electronic music, Tensky launched an orchestral collaboration in 2015 entitled “All In,” releasing three albums, which still have no analogues. Meanwhile, Koyla, a Bombay Records alumni with multiple successful releases under his belt, showcases his meticulous collaborative prowess.

Crafting Unforgettable Melodies

One can’t help but feel an immense sense of both relief and wonder when the music resolves. In the grand tradition of using orchestral movements to evoke various states of emotion, each track tells its own unique story. From the moment you hit play on Nomads you are “in it.” Starting slowly, building to a crescendo, and finally releasing to a sweet, blissful and satisfying coda. What sets this release apart from both of its parent genres is its novelty. The duo brings the absolute best of both classical and electronic elements and weaves them into a modern masterpiece, utilizing each element to its fullest potential.

Information and Links:

Spotify, BandcampFacebook, SoundcloudWebsite, Instagram, YouTube, Mixcloud


Tuune Pauler - Descend

Released today! The new track by Tuune Pauler entitled 'Descend', now playing on M.P.R Chill.



Released May 10th 2024.

TUUNE PAULER is an alternative electronic music producer from the west coast of Finland. His sound can be described as melancholic, atmospheric, organic and dark, with a little twist of hope.

The new track “DESCEND” brings something else: a dub influenced electronic journey mixed with calm melodies and drone atmospheres played by Takku Ylinen with his bass clarinet slowly blending towards organic + synthetic beats flavored with a softly distorted 303 bassline.

Information and Links:

Spotify, Instagram


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