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New artist Robert Otto

New artist Robert Otto now playing on Moon Phase Radio



Robert Otto uses music to create atmospheric experiences. His music would best be described as Ambient Electronic Soundscapes, New Age, or Neoclassical. Robert's intense and deep atmospheres are sometimes cosmic and floating, sometimes dark and mysterious, sometimes exotic, but most often inspiring and relaxing.

 Robert has released 6 albums:

   - Ambient Nights
   - Tau Ceti
   - Cerulean Blue
   - The Pause Between Moments
   - Ambience
   - Lux Aeterna


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Moon Phase Radio is now the official new name of Mind Potion Radio. Providing commercial free ambient radio since 2010 we shall continue to do so with our new name and website. Music submissions can still be made via the contact page and all the stream ip addresses remain the same. Thank you for your continued support.

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