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"The Static Of Life" by Dustin Lefholz

New album "The Static Of Life" by Dustin Lefholz



"The Static Of Life" by Dustin Lefholz is due for release on 10th June 2015

Born in the States to a performing vocalist father and a professional mother, Dustin has had many musical influences. he has been accredited on numerous Major and Indie label albums. Lefholz is a man of few words, who’s work does the talking. Dustin’s stewardship encompasses all traditional and hybridized forms.

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"Nateace" by Der Waldläufer

New album "Nateace" by Der Waldläufer



An independent artist, producer & musician based in the middle of Germany. Influenced by the dialouge between nature & technique,  Der Waldläufer's music is somewhere between ambient, chillout, downtempo, soundscape and drone.

Website - http://www.waldlä

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New album by Janneh

New album "Love times time" by Janneh



Janneh is a composer and musician from Turku, Finland. He is mostly known for his ambient works. So far Janneh has released 15 albums.

He has also worked on various other projects, game projects, film projects, works that are unreleased.

Greatly supported by his brother, Juha, Janneh started experimenting with
computer programs called trackers and with Midi sequencing somewhere in 1996.

Music has always been big part of Janneh's life and to him it simply is a way to express himself.

Janneh at bandcamp

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