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"The Pause Between Moments" by Robert Otto

Album "The Pause Between Moments" by Robert Otto now playing on MPR.



Robert Otto uses music to create atmospheric experiences. His music would best be described as Ambient Electronic Soundscapes, New Age, or Neoclassical. Robert's intense and deep atmospheres are sometimes cosmic and floating, sometimes dark and mysterious, sometimes exotic, but most often inspiring and relaxing.

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"Nanda Devi" by Hans Christian

New artist and album "Nanda Devi" by Hans Christian now playing on MPR



With the recording Nanda Devi, Hans Christian -- one of the modern masters of new age music -- has created a musical ode to the sacred mountain Nanda Devi in Northern India; and, as one of the tallest peaks in the world, it symbolizes nature’s beauty, spiritual power and a place of quiet serenity outside the reach of modern civilization.

Hans Christian is best-known for his cello playing, but he also has increasingly turned to playing real ethnic world-music instruments.  On this album he also performs on an Indian sitara, an Indian sarangi, the Swedish nyckelharpa, an Indian dhilruba, an Indian swaramandala, a medieval psaltery, a lapsteel guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, fretless bass, harmonium, bamboo flute, udu, an Indian tampura, ethnic percussion (such as frame drums and bells), Tibetan bowls and some electronic keyboards.  He even uses water droplets as a rhythmic earth-sound.

Nanda Devi can be found in the CD format in music stores and new age lifestyle shops across the United States as well as online, while digital downloads of the music are available at all the major internet music stores such as iTunes and Amazon.  For more information about Hans Christian and his recordings, go to or

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