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Mercedes Bahleda & Klaus Hillebrecht - 'Tantric Tara Mantra'

New track from Mercedes Bahleda & Klaus Hillebrecht, 'Tantric Tara Mantra' now featuring on Moon Phase Radio.



Our featured track comes from the album 'Sacred Chants to Tara' with devotional singer and scholar Mercedes Bahleda in a radiant collection of prayers and chants to the beloved Buddhist deity Tara.

A collaboration with German composer Klaus Hillebrecht, this beautiful, melodious selection of mantras honors the divine feminine in all cultures as it evokes the Six Perfections associated with Tara: giving, kindness, joy, patience, meditation and wisdom. Tara mantra practice is among the most prevalent in Tibetan culture and the global Buddhist diaspora, cherished for its help in overcoming spiritual and everyday obstacles and elevating the practitioner to a higher state of true and compassionate enlightenment.

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Marcome - 'Viva De La Luna'

New track from Marcome, "Viva De La Luna" now featuring on Moon Phase Radio.



In the own words of Marcome -

"There are times in life when you realize that the distance between you and your life seems to grow. After all those years of creation, it appeared to me that the journey never stops! Who am I, why am I here? are among all the questions that never ceased to haunt me. Viva de La Luna represents the calling of the Soul toward it’s origin, its fullness. I hope to convey you in a space where you belong, where you are infinitely loved for who you are not what you look like, possess or do. Say yes to love, become your best friend. We deserve happiness and care since the day we were born. I pray that you let it flow into your heart, you are more than your body, you are a light in the world, be the love you need, shine on!"

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1st January 2020

The 1st of January 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of M.P.R.

We would like to thank both our listeners and the artists who provide the music. We are especially grateful and humbled by those who support us financially via donations, you make it possible to continue into the future.

2020 brings a new decade and with it hope for a peaceful future where humankind can live in harmony with nature and each other. For the year ahead we wish you much happiness, thank you for being there.

Happy New Year

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