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'The Nation of One' by VEiiLA

New album 'The Nation of One' from VEiiLA, now featuring on Moon Phase Radio.



Electronic duo VEiiLA from Saint-Petersburg, Russia blend downtempo and left-field house with emotional female vocals creating atmospheric melancholic music. VEiiLA's eclectic (to some degree) sound is fairly compensated with unified monochrome visual style and mysterious asceticism in public statements. Over the past couple years VEiiLA have opened the local shows of Alex Clare, Kosheen, The Neighborhood and shared the stage with Above & Beyond, ATB, Nathan East and others participating in large international festivals. VEiiLA have also collaborated with several clothing designers integrating live music in the fashion shows.

The 'The Nation of One' album was released on January 15, 2020

What is this album about? - It isn't about anything. It's just a set of snapshots. Snapshots of my feelings and emotions at a certain period of my life. It's a documented log of my loosing hope, loosing trust to or in people, descending into shadows of despair, failing to find a place in my own family, feeling lost, lonely, with nothing but my inner voice at my side and finally recovering, standing up on my feet, reflecting, paying all the sentiments and bidding farewell to the past. Is it different now, did it get better? It doesn't matter, it's a new page in a new book. I'm moving on. I'm leaving behind my failures and victories and leaving this album as a logbook of a wrecked ship. One may find there a story of a deadly storm and one may find a treasure map. Meanwhile I'm still sailing. Yours truly, VEiiLA

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Important Notice - 4th February 2020

Important Notice - 4th February 2020

Update - 1st March 2020 - This has now been delayed

On the 28th of February our main EU server is due to be deprecated as it's come to the end of its operational life. This means our stream IP address will change causing disruption to various platforms. The transfer to the new server may take some time so we recommend switching to our USA outlet for the duration, details can be found on our 'Listen' page.

In the meantime the USA mp3 stream will be upgraded to 128 kbps with the temporary closer of the 32 kbps AAC for the transitional period.

We apologise for the disruption.

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