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'Inspirations' by Mark Freshwater

New album 'Inspirations' by Mark Freshwater now featuring on Moon Phase Radio.



Growing up with a trombone playing jazz/pop combo leader Dad and a versatile piano playing Mom gave Mark a lot of exposure early on to music. Mark studied piano under his mom during elementary school and enjoyed playing duets with BOTH of his grandmothers. Working through choirs and folk groups in the early 60’s and on into rock bands in the late 60’s and 70’s there are many early influences in his music from classical to heavy rock. He sang in party bands in the 80’s and bought his first grand piano in 1988. During the 90’s, he played keyboards and sang in 2 Christian Praise bands (Cleveland, OH and Catalina, AZ).

More recently Mark reunited with his college rock band in Pittsburgh and helped produce a studio album project in 2012. On the heels of that, Mark has produced 8 instrumental CDs of original piano music. His unique stylings reflect influences from the many genres of his background. Two of his 8 albums are heavily New Age influenced (Biosphere/2013 and  Native Connections/2018)

'Inspirations' album project (2019)

What inspires a writer, an artist, a musician?
"Well there are many sources of course and as a songwriter, for me personally, it has been mostly people, places and experiences; in other words, life itself. My eighth album is entitled “Inspirations” and was released in June of 2019. It includes 14 songs composed and arranged over a period of two and a half years and turned out to be a labor of love. I transposed 7 of the songs and published a songbook by the same title".

Songbooks are available by contacting Mark via his website. CDs and downloads are available from iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon Music.


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'Fleur de Vie' by Jacques Y. Fafard

New album 'Fleur de Vie' by Jacques Y. Fafard now featuring on Moon Phase Radio.



Jacques Y. Fafard from Quebec, Canada is a producer, arranger, sound engineer and a multi-instrumentalist of some 28 years. He plays keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, flute, didgeridoo and percussion.

Currently he composes therapeutic music with frequencies (Hz) that are added to the music to reduce stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, agitation and promote calm, harmonization, concentration, rebalance, meditation amongst other positive health benefits. The album 'Fleur de Vie' is very much a musical therapy.

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