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Server Change

9th September 2020

Back in January we announced the deprecation of our European server and a move to a new facility. This was delayed due to various reasons but will now take place over the coming days. Our current EU server will close on September 30th. The new server details will be made available on the listen page over the next few days.

Update 11/09/2020

The new server is up and running, please update your bookmarks etc, details are on the listen page, the old server will cease on 30th September.



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Cheryl B. Engelhardt - Luminary

'Luminary' the recent album from Cheryl B. Engelhardt, now featuring on Moon Phase Radio.



Cheryl B. Engelhardt is a composer and songwriter. The New Yorker battled panic attacks & looked for audio to help quell the anxiety. Cheryl wrote her solution, the stunning album, "Luminary" (music for mindfulness,focus, & growth) during an artists’ residency in an abandoned mountain town in Greece as the solution. “Luminary” is her fifth record, a collection of piano/ambient music and for mindfulness, focus, and growth which hit #1 on iTunes and Amazon New Age charts. Additionally, “Luminary” is featured on the popular mediation apps Insight Timer and Simple Habit. Cheryl received degrees in Biology and in Music from Cornell University, studied orchestration at Juilliard, then began her tenure as a composer for films, ads, theater, and social justice choirs, as well as a touring pop recording artist.

Released: February 7th, 2020. Looking for a musically-complex and gently exciting album to accompany your daily meditation, morning walk, sleep routine—or even to get you “in the zone” at work? LUMINARY, singer-songwriter and composer Cheryl B. Engelhardt's first contribution to the New Age genre, delivers. Engelhardt taps into a variety of moods via musical games that stretch the limits of her intentionally-reduced musical palette. It is easy to trust her blend of flowing piano, bell chimes, tasteful electronic modification of plucked piano strings, and her well-integrated voice; all of which gently guide you through each track in both the affirmation-fortified and music-only versions. Every track moves through a variety of micro mood “climates,” easing you through your day—and this diversity makes the album all the more beautiful and utilitarian.


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