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'Reactor Repair' by Cosmic Cadence

'Reactor Repair' the new single from Cosmic Cadence is now featuring on Moon Phase Radio.



Released on 26th of October, 'Reactor Repair' is the latest release from Cosmic Cadence.

Cosmic Cadence is a Canadian electronic music composer and soundscape artist whose early work was featured on many planetarium soundtracks in Canada and the US. More recent compositions are a blend of ambient / electronic pieces layered with field recordings and environmental sounds.

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'Zeitlos' from Tonbild

New track 'Zeitlos' from Tonbild now featuring on Moon Phase Radio.



Tonbild is the alias of Norwegian pop artist Joaquin, who has been releasing music since 2003. Tonbild creates dreamy midnight music with atmospheric drifting pads. Inspired by modern ambient music and mellow movie soundtracks.

Inspirational artists include 36, Hilyard, Poemme, Alonefold, Rafael Anton Irisarri and Brian Eno.

For more information, please visit: Tonbild Instagram Joaquin Instagram

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