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'Ghosts' by Absent Glow

New single 'Ghosts' by Absent Glow now featuring on Moon Phase Radio.



Absent Glow is an ambient, indie and post-rock artist from Poland, based in London, UK. He got his first guitar at the age of 16, and then started to write music pretty much straight away. After turning 17, he started his own band with his best friend and his brother. They were playing metalcore and touring for a good few years, but then it was time to follow different paths in life and the band broke up. Since then, he started working on solo projects. Everything at first was just saved to a hard drive until "Absent Glow" was finally the project that felt like he could fully express himself through, since he was always a very closed and introverted person. Now he can’t picture his life without it. Absent Glow, it’s a form of therapy, not only for the artist himself, but to everyone that listens to it.

'Ghosts' is the first single of the upcoming album 'boketto', - coming out in spring. This is an indie and new age song, that like the rest of the album, it’s very personal. It’s about the moment when you realize that some of the people you met in your life and some places you’ve been to, especially the ones that mean a lot to you, will never be a part of your life again. It’s about feeling that void inside you and not really knowing how to deal with it.

This single will be released on February 26th on all music platforms.

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