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Transfer to new server

Transfer to new server: MPR Chill's current server will be depreciated on November 30th. Our new server is now on the air and fully functional. However, the unfortunate consequence is the new stream address will need adding to your bookmarks and media players. It also means streaming platforms will need updating, which will take time.

The new stream addresses are as follows:

128kbps mp3 -
64kbps AAC  -


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'Soothing Soul' by Taavi Daft

New track 'Soothing Soul' by Taavi Daft now featuring on Moon Phase Radio.



Taavi draws atmospheric and melodic soundscapes that carry you off into a dream world of your own.

"Open your consciousness and go on a meditative journey to yourself and leave everyday life, fears and worries behind. Merge with the here and now and accept and love who you are".

'Soothing Soul' - "You become one with your surroundings. You feel yourself splashing like water over stones, you feel yourself at one with the rustling of leaves in the trees, you feel yourself at one with the ground".

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'Azaran Forecast' by The Polymusicon

The latest album 'Azaran Forecast' by The Polymusicon is now featuring on Moon Phase Radio.



The Polymusicon is the music project of Graeme Nattress. "Starting in 2016, I wanted to create music that used sequences to flow between melody and ambient texture. My first album Evalake was released in November 2019, and almost immediately I began work on this, Azaran Forecast, my 2nd album."

Graeme says of his latest album:

"I took inspiration from the clearly differentiated seasons we enjoy in Southern Ontario: The winter can be long, but it always brings varied weather and the sounds of nature take on a new dimension in the bitterly cold air. The dynamics of this icy season are reflected in Diamond Dust.

Antheia came from enjoying the crab apple trees in our garden that flower for only a few days every spring. Even before you are standing beneath the trees now bursting with flowers, all you can hear is the steady hum of the bees.

The days of summer are long and bright, but with a good glass of whisky in hand, time flows rapidly. Theros stretches time in the same way.

On Manitoulin Island (largest lake island in the world) there is a lake, and on that lake is an island... Recursive Island takes this concept and my holiday trips there into musical form."

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