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Unfold the Universe by Peter Gagliardi

'Unfold the Universe' by Peter Gagliardi is now featuring on Moon Phase Radio.



Peter Gagliardi has been composing electronic soundtrack music on the side since 2006, heavily influenced by space, science, sci-fi and video games.

Released on October 25th, 'Unfold the Universe' takes its inspiration from the James Webb Telescope.

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) was launched on December 25, 2021 - expressly designed to provide data to scientists that could lead to breakthroughs about the Universe around us. It is focused on observing light in the near and mid-infrared bands of the light spectrum, where we are able to see beyond the interference of intergalactic dust.

It was designed to Unfold the Universe!

The first images taken in its fully deployed, fully calibrated state were released on July 12, 2022. These first five images, along with 3 others released subsequently, have been used as inspiration for each of the tracks in "Unfold the Universe".

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Scott Lawlor - A Sky Full of Ghosts

A new release by Scott Lawlor entitled 'A Sky Full of Ghosts' is now featuring on Moon Phase Radio.



Veteran musician Scott Lawlor, composes in different sub-genres such as dark ambient and light ambient, solo piano, cosmic drone and avant-garde, both as a solo artist and as a revered collaborating partner with many other well-established artists in the ambient community. Hence, Scott has built a solid reputation for himself as a cornerstone persona in the ambient community.

Released via Earth Mantra on October 29th, the longform  'A Sky Full of Ghosts' has been described as, "Slow-evolving, sometimes menacing, at others soothing, Scott's latest release is the confident output of an artist deeply connected to his work".

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Richard Dart - The Surface of a Lake

The latest album by Richard Dart entitled 'The Surface of a Lake' now featuring on Moon Phase Radio.



Based in Brisbane, Australia, Richard Dart is an established electronic and ambient music artist.

Released today, November 4th, Richard Dart's latest album 'The Surface of a Lake' is best described by Richard himself.

"I walk past a particular lake nearly every day, and I have become fascinated with how the surface changes depending on the weather. This preoccupation forms the basis or inspiration for this album. To describe the music, I would say that it is ambient with a dash of soundtrack."

Track Listing:

1. Lake Ambience
2. Burning Gold
3. Green Glass
4. Pin Cushion
5. Cementitious
6. Silver Mirror
7. Slate Grey
8. On the Surface
9. Frosted Window

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Cosmic Cadence - Artemis Dawn

Featuring on MPR Chill, the latest track from Cosmic Cadence, entitled 'Artemis Dawn'.



Artemis Dawn was inspired by NASA's Artemis Program. Released on the 28th October in anticipation of the upcoming Artemis 1 rocket launch scheduled for November 14th. This mission begins a new era in humankind’s return to the moon.  Artemis Dawn tells the story of the first woman who will land on the moon as part of the crew of Artemis III.

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