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Defender of Light 2 by Richard Zelada

New album 'Defender of Light 2' by Richard Zelada is now featuring on Moon Phase Radio.



Richard Zelada is a Creator of Sounds. He says, "My goal is to push Boundaries and remind people that Originality still exist. You don't have to sound and look the same as everyone else to share with the world your Abilities. Be Who you were born to BE. LEAD not Follow"

His new album 'Defender of Light 2' is released on Christmas Day 2022.

Track listing:

1) Eternal city   
2) The Emperor
3) General Claws    
4) Grand Entrance
5) Inner Pain
6) Message to Self
7) Haunted Mind
8) Change of Plans

For more information and other album releases from Richard Zelada, please visit - SpotifyiTunesDeezer and YouTube


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Tonbild - Wolkenlos

New track from Tonbild entitled 'Wolkenlos', now featuring on MPR Chill.



'Wolkenlos' (cloudless), will be released on the 23rd of December.

Tonbild is the alias of Norwegian pop artist Joaquin, who has been releasing music since 2003. Tonbild creates dreamy midnight music with atmospheric drifting pads. Inspired by modern ambient music and mellow movie soundtracks.

Inspirational artists include 36, Hilyard, Poemme, Alonefold, Rafael Anton Irisarri and Brian Eno.

For more information, please visit: Tonbild Instagram Joaquin Instagram


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Messages by Joerg Dankert

New album, 'Messages' by Joerg Dankert is now featuring on Moon Phase Radio.



Joerg Dankert is a composer, musician, recording artist and fan of Berlin School music since the early seventies. In 2021, he published his first album at bandcamp.

The latest album by Joerg Dankert, released on November 26th 2022, was inspired by Shortwave listening as a child and also in the present times.

"The story of this album is both old and up to date, because with the Ukraine war on my doorstep I rediscovered an old hobby, listening to shortwave. There you can always hear radio, Morse and data traffic from various military and their services. Number transmitters that send out coded messages in different languages. There used to be countless of them and some with interesting identifiers, such as melodies and tone sequences. Yes, they have become fewer, but they are still there.

I heard some of the news broadcast during the Ukraine war, recorded it and incorporated it into the music. Some melodies and sounds are the result of inspiration from listening.

The songs were created between March and November 2022, whereby the shortwave recordings were either recorded live by me and my shortwave radio or via the digital shortwave receiver of the University of Twente in the Netherlands, which is accessible to everyone on the Internet".

For more information:



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