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'Eclipse' by Cosmic Cadence

New EP 'Eclipse' by Cosmic Cadence is now featuring on Moon Phase Radio.



Released on 22nd of February, 'Eclipse' is the latest release from Cosmic Cadence.

Track Listing

1. Eclipse 06:32
2. Orbital Decay 05:12
3. Coriolis Effect 07:30
4. L2 06:08

Cosmic Cadence is a Canadian electronic music composer and soundscape artist whose early work was featured on many planetarium soundtracks in Canada and the US. More recent compositions are a blend of ambient / electronic pieces layered with field recordings and environmental sounds.

For more Information: BandcampSpotify

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'The Magical World of Drones' by Richard Dart

New album 'The Magical World of Drones' by Richard Dart is now featuring on Moon Phase Radio.



Based in Brisbane, Australia, Richard Dart is an established electronic and ambient music artist.

In Richards own words, "Pretty much all the tracks are drone or pulse instrumentals using synths, guitars, percussion, effects and samples. I find drones simultaneously simple and complicated, if that makes any sense. You start with a sustained or repeated note or chord and then build around it to try and make it somewhat pleasurable to listen to. In the main, musically, I was aiming for a kind of synth heavy version of drone metal/dark ambient."

Track Listing
1. Synth Drone 2 03:38
2. String Drone 07:07
3. Sinf Drone 07:19
4. Guitar Tin Drone 04:46
5. Wasp in a biscuit tin 02:43
6. Guitar Drone 2 04:19
7. Tamboura Style Drone 06:16
8. Harmonium Style Drone 05:56
9. Cheerful Castle 04:18
10. Eridrone 06:50
11. Eek Drone 06:36
12. Eri Tif Drone 04:26
13. String Drone 2 05:12
14. Dox Drone 05:08
15. Polly 09:27

For more Information, please visit  Bandcamp


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