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New EP, '+28º 1′ 34′′ (Pollux) by The Arnoux Experience

New EP, '+28º 1′ 34′′ (Pollux) by The Arnoux Experience, now featuring on Moon Phase Radio.



The Arnoux Experience

Arnoux, is a character seen for the first time on February 1, 2014 in a theatre in the capital of Ecuador.

Harold Granda identifies with him, adopts his name and his personality, which would be reflected in his first works as a solo musician, these themes being super dark, mostly improvisations, writings he saw in dreams, which spoke of introspective themes that they never saw the light of day except to a very small audience (his few friends). Over time Arnoux continued to release instrumental music, because he did not need words to express what he felt, only sounds, the genres he explored are rock, psychedelia, krautrock and ambient.

In 2016, he entered the world of creating music for theatre and short films, this being the path he would follow until today. His first EP called "Ser" is made up of 3 instrumental songs, “Alfarero” “Corroer” and “Celestial”.
In that same year, he created the music for the short film "Red Boots", an entry in the Adobe Creative contest.

In 2018, he ventures into the musicalization of a fantasy work called "Lluvia de Sueños", the same work that has travelled to different parts of Ecuador.

He is currently launching his second EP called “+28º 1′ 34′′ (Pollux)”, an album with the sole purpose of reaching a state of pure relaxation capable of lulling the viewer to sleep and exploring the dark world of dreams, trying thus their deepest traumas to heal them slightly.

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