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'Strange Tales 3' by Richard Zelada

The latest album 'Strange Tales 3' by Richard Zelada is now featuring on Moon Phase Radio.



Richard Zelada is a Creator of Sounds. He says, "My goal is to push Boundaries and remind people that Originality still exist. You don't have to sound and look the same as everyone else to share with the world your Abilities. Be Who you were born to BE. LEAD not Follow"

His new album 'Strange Tales 3' was released on Saturday the 10th September.

Track listing:

2) Incredulous Realm
4) Inevitable Pain
5) Ancient Scroll
6) Master of Darkness
7) New Direction

For more information and other album releases from Richard Zelada, please visit - SpotifyiTunesDeezer and YouTube


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Daryl Groetsch - 'Beige World'.

The second album by Daryl Groetsch to feature on Moon Phase Radio is entitled 'Beige World'.



Daryl Groetsch (pronounced Gretsch) has been making synthesizer based ambient music since the late 90s. Most of his work since then has been under the Pulse Emitter name.

Returning to this form of pure ambient space music fulfils a vision born from hearing a late night ambient program on public radio as a kid, and striving to achieve this sound ever since.

Beige World was released January 22nd, 2022

Track List:

1. Beige World 10:00
2. Leaving Orbit 08:40
3. Floating 09:48
4. Thinking Space 12:00

For more information - Apple MusicSpotifyTwitterInstagramPulse EmitterBandcamp


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