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Cozy Ghost - Summer Vibes

New track entitled 'Summer Vibes' by Cozy Ghost now playing on MPR Chill.



'Summer Vibes was released on July 3rd 2023. For more information please visit Spotify.


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Spacey Panda - Mosahik

New track by Spacey Panda entitled 'Mosahik' now playing on MPR Chill.



Spacey Panda is a Canadian artist and producer, with a direct and one-of-a-kind focus on making music that blurs the lines between different genres, with a strong emphasis on electronic sounds.

“Mosahik”, will bring your soul to travel across multiple music dimensions, by feeling the rich and diverse musical influences that stands out of this unique composition. The warm and magic atmosphere of this song will awake the dancer in you, or at times, the dreamer.

For more Information:

Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube

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Giardini Oort - Login

New track entitled 'Login' by Giardini Oort now featuring on MPR Chill.



Giardini Oort seeks to create an auditory haven where listeners can immerse themselves in the soothing embrace of music, transcending the boundaries of time and space. It's a musical project created to provide relaxation, meditation and mental serenity through the power of music.

About 'Login'

The song that unfolds in multiple phases. In the initial phase ushers you into a state of deep relaxation and mental clarity, distancing your thoughts and distractions. Here the mind finds solace and begins to focus, leaving behind the chaos of the external world. The journey doesn't end there. 'Login' then guides you into the subsequent phase, where it becomes a conduit for connecting with your inner spirit and forging a profound bond with consciousness itself. It's as if you're embarking on a metaphysical 'login' to your inner system, where self-discovery and introspection await, revealing the intricate harmony between your mind and your spiritual essence.

More Information and links:

Music for All, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube, Tiktok


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Keith Richie - V Feeling

Track by Keith Richie entitled 'V Feeling' now featuring on MPR Ambient.



Acclaimed ambient electronic composer, Keith Richie, proudly presents his track "V Feeling" – a homage to the late, great Vangelis – set to resonate through the soundscapes of the modern ambient music scene. Hailing from Richie's award-winning album "Ambient Highways," this track is more than just music; it’s an experience – and one that is deeply personal to Richie.

Embarking on a musical voyage through his album "Ambient Highways," Keith Richie unravels a sonorous tale of self-discovery and artistic revival. Having been prolific in his craft, Richie, in 2015, found himself at a creative impasse. With a passion that couldn't be subdued and an urgency to overcome his writer's block, he began to innovate and reinvent. The result was the birth of "Ambient Highways," an album inspired by Richie's sci-fi leanings, a journey through time, space, and the vast realms of human emotion. The track "V Feeling" stands as a testament to this transformative period. As listeners delve into its melodies, they are not just hearing a tune; they are invited to experience Richie's tribute to Vangelis, interwoven with the ethereal strands of the entire album. The song begins with a soft, gentle strum, reminiscent of yesteryears, which gradually morphs into an expansive, meditative state of healing – a feeling that Richie deeply yearned to express.

"V Feeling," while a standout piece, is a part of a larger narrative, one of introspection, innovation, and boundless imagination. As Richie pays his respects to the genius of Vangelis, he also beckons listeners to embark on a sonic journey like no other.

For more information:

Bandcamp , Soundcloud , Instagram , YouTube , Facebook , Twitter , Spotify 

Website -

To Purchase -


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Synth replicants - Time of Legends

Latest album entitled 'Time of Legends' by Synth replicants now featuring on M.P.R Ambient.



Synth replicants are inspired by Tangerine Dream's music throughout time. Lots of synthesizers and sequencers and added guitar. All music is written, composed and produced by Per Thomhav and Steve Labrecque.

Per Thomhav (2019 - Current) 

Musician, composer and producer. The musical inspiration is found in the old masters of electronic music like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Vangelis and Jean-Michel Jarre.  

Since age 14 I have played, composed and produced electronic music.

The old icons have been and still is my biggest inspiration and also characterize the music to this day.  

Music has always inspired and fascinated me, and I have always had an urge to express myself through music.

Steve Labrecque (2023 - Current) 

Guitars, composer, whose style is influenced primarily by 70’s progressive and hard rock with a love for the music of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze 

I started my life in music as a drummer around 10 years old, and started playing guitar and writing my own songs at 13. 

For over 40 years I have been the lead singer, guitar player and main songwriter for the hard rock band "Nightrider". 

I have released solo material under the name "Tavyrn" and have been a member of Synth replicants since 2023.

For more information:

Facebook, Bandcamp, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify


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Cosmic Cadence - Critical Mass

New track by Cosmic Cadence entitled 'Critical Mass' now featuring on MPR Ambient.



Cosmic Cadence is a Canadian composer and soundscape artist whose work is frequently featured on European and UK radio.

Cosmic Cadence has just released Critical Mass.

“A new EP called Planetary Forces is in the works with a scheduled release date later this year or early in 2024.

Critical Mass sets the stage for more to come - expansive cinematic space ambience!

For more information:


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Richard Zelada - Strange Tales 4

New album from Richard Zelada entitled 'Strange Tales 4' now featuring on MPR Ambient.



Richard Zelada is a Creator of Sounds. He says, "My goal is to push Boundaries and remind people that Originality still exist. You don't have to sound and look the same as everyone else to share with the world your Abilities. Be Who you were born to BE. LEAD not Follow"
His new album 'Strange Tales 4' is released on the 9th October 2023.
Track listing
1) Intro     
2) Backward Clock 
3) Eyes in the Night  
4) Iusse 4
5) The Witch Doctor 
6) The Man with the Rings
7) The General Plan
8) Starting to Understand 
9) Dominant Species
10) The Chase
11) Full Force
12) Outro
For more information and other releases from Richard Zelada, please visit - SpotifyiTunesDeezer and YouTube

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