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Same & Different - Altar

'Altar' the new single by Same & Different is now playing on M.P.R Chill.



Same & Different journey begins in the middle of spring in Paris, when two children of the 90’s started to play music together. Inspired by the new era of soulful artists (Tom Misch, Mansur Brown, Loyle Carner) and funk masters (Snarky Puppy, Vulfpeck, Mark Lettieri), Xavier and Baptiste belong to this generation of artist who feel music as a mood more than a genre. 

Together they cross over the limits of Lofi Music and aim to push it further. Mixing sweet guitar lines, dreamy synths and splashy bass playing, their passion for the groove speaks for itself.

'Altar' is taken from the Lofi-instrumental EP entitled 'Crossroads' due for release in March 2024.

'Crossroads' EP Tracklist:

- Ushuaïa (3:29)
- Kythira (3:57)
- Le Cluzel (4:54)
- Bab’s Dock (3:38)
- Altar (1:43)

Information and Links:

Spotify, Soundcloud, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok


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Winter Silhouette - Wandering Rain

'Wandering Rain' the latest single by Winter Silhouette, now playing on M.P.R Ambient.



Hailing from Brighton, UK! Lewis Broad-Ashman writes music under the alias of Winter Silhouette.

Winter Silhouette is a take on Ambient Electronica mixed with lofi tones and textures.

Released on December 27th, 2023, this new single Wandering Rain brings atmospheres from early morning dog walks, where rain is often the dominant presence.

Information and Links:

Spotify - Artist, Track

Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Instagram


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Ayerdhal - Level up

'Level up' the latest track by Ayerdhal is now playing on M.P.R Chill.



Immerse yourself in a sonic journey unlike anything you've heard before. With a fusion of electronic beats, dreamy Lo-fi textures, and hypnotic trip-hop elements.

'Level up' was released on the 2nd October 2023 and is the opening track from Ayerdhal's chill EP entitled 'Peacefull'.
Information and Links:
Spotify - Artist, Album, Track

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N3URON - Etat du Flux

'Etat du Flux' the latest track by N3URON is now playing on M.P.R Chill.



N3URON is a Seattle based music producer drawing inspiration from nature, philosophy, and neurosciences.  N3URON's goal is to create music that is experienced by listeners physically through deep bass lines and emotionally/cognitively through layered sonic textures and catchy rhythms and melodies.

N3URON pushes the boundaries of sonic innovation with the release of his latest single, "Etat du flux." The track, which translates to "Flow State," is a testament to the artist's ability to capture and convey the essence of inspiration in its purest form. Derived from a captivating experience on a rainy Seattle evening, N3URON entered a creative flow state that became the catalyst for the production of "Etat du flux." The title perfectly encapsulates the immersive journey the listener is about to embark upon, as the artist effortlessly blends atmospheric elements with pulsating beats. N3URON's signature sound, characterized by prominent baselines and stimulating layers of chords and melodies, takes center stage in this latest release. "Etat du flux" invites the audience to get lost in a sonic landscape that mirrors the artist's connection with the creative process.

The single is streaming on SoundCloud and will soon be available on all major streaming platforms, allowing fans of electronic music to experience the magic of N3URON's "Etat du flux." 

Please visit -


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Glen Neff - Journey Of The Clouds

'Journey of the Clouds' by artist Glen Neff is now playing on M.P.R Ambient.



Santa Fe musician and painter Glen Neff fuses his love of instrumental melodic improvisation with a steady hand in the digital studio. Blending spacial sound sculptures and globally influenced electronic music with melodic jazz improvisation. Ambient/chill is one definition given to this music, Neff's work will tickle that perhaps dormant spot in your ear canal in some pretty intriguing ways. While there is a heft of traditional African, Punjabi-Bhangra, Eastern European and Middle Eastern influence running through Neff's rhythmic and vocal-sample veins, Neff deftly adds more contemporary meat to the musical muscle, with layers upon layers of synth, live instruments, effects, drum programming and out-of-left-field genre inclusions. It takes a careful listen to sift the latter out, but it’s worth the ride if you want a mellow escape.

Information and Links:

Spotify - Artist, Track

Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube


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Luga - 05.56

The new single entitled "05.56" by Luga is now playing on M.P.R Chill.



Hailing from Brighton, UK! Lewis Broad-Ashman writes music under the alias of Luga.

Luga is a take on Ambient Electronica with a mixture of downtempo with lofi tones.

Released on the 13th January 2024, this new single "05:56" is about having to get up early...

Luga is currently working on a full length album.

Information and Links:

Spotify - Artist, Track

Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Instagram


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Bill Whitley - Kaleidoscope

New track entitled "Kaleidoscope" by Bill Whitley now playing on M.P.R Ambient.



Released on 22nd September 2023

Bill works with shapes and patterns, correlating musical materials to kinetic sculpture. His music is defined by interlocking, hypnotic patterns interspersed with passages of intense rhythmic energy, while placing melodic content in the foreground.

Whitley’s music has been performed primarily in Italy, Russia, and in the U.S., by ensembles ranging from Symphony Orchestra to Solo Electric Guitar. Commissions consist of chamber, choral, vocal, and orchestral works. Recent commissions include Matilde alle Fontane (2022), with Big Mouth Society  in Portland, Oregon and Meditazioni sulla Dharmachakra (2017) by  KUBIN in Milan. The title track for his 2019 EP Then Elephant Speaks  was written for Civica Scuola di Musica Claudio Abbado's "Crossover Ensemble", Milan.

Information and Links:

Spotify - Artist, Track

Ravello Records, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube


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Artificial Island - Gravity Wave

New Single entitled "Gravity Wave" by Artificial Island, now playing on M.P.R Chill.



Welcoming Artificial Island and their captivating new single "Gravity Wave". This track is a deep dive into the world of experimental electronic music, and it's like nothing you've heard before. Think of standing on the edge of an unknown world, looking out into the vastness of space, that's "Gravity Wave" for you. Artificial Island, a London-based duo, have crafted a sound that's both epic and moody. They've drawn inspiration from the likes of Boards of Canada, Plaid, and Aphex Twin, but their unique twist sets them apart. "Gravity Wave" to us takes you on a voyage through a space resort in your imagination, filled with color and vibrancy.

Released on 12th December 2023

Information and Links:

Spotify - Artist, Track


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Sound of Stillness - Winters Breath

New track entitled "Winter's Breath" by artist Sound of Stillness, now playing on M.P.R Ambient.



“Sound of Stillness” features compositions by Anton Fauve, the London-based, in-house composer for Eden Films Ltd. Anton wrote the incidental music and songs for a number of the company’s short films, for example “You Can Trust Me”, “No Defence” and recently “Baby Bee’s Boot”, the animated short film which won the London Independent Film Award in September, 2023. He wrote the score to “Front Stage and Back”, a wonderful documentary-feature about a New York actor who despite appearing in over 140 TV shows and films is a complete unknown, and his song “Brand New Day”, written for a new TV series, was released by Lucy Thomas in mid-2023 and has had over 600,000 listens on YouTube.

Alongside his commissioned work, Anton composes instrumental music and “Sound of Stillness” are those compositions that aim to calm stress, create well-being and peace of mind – an aid to sleep, meditation and a return to the beauty and healing of nature. “Nature’s Voice” was released at the beginning of December, 2023, and is Anton’s first EP on Spotify. His next album will be available in early February, 2024.

Information and Links:

Spotify - Artist, Track, Album

Bandcamp, Soundcloud


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Yakush - Flying With Pauls Birds

New track entitled "Flying with Pauls Birds" now playing on M.P.R Chill.



Yakush is an artist specialising in Beats / Lo-fi, Electronica and Instrumental Chill.

"Flying with Pauls Birds" was released on the 24th December 2023

Available on Spotify


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International Electronic Artists - Band Aid for Ukraini 2.0

Charity album entitled "Band Aid for Ukraini 2.0" by the musician collective called International Electronic Artists.



Track List:

1. Robert Kalyos: Crying in Solitude 05:04
2. Dreams of a Dolphin: One Earth - One Mankind 05:13
3. ALLUSTE: Glory to heroes 07:00
4. Spectral Tune: Sad little Planet 08:03
5. ToXyGeNeDK: Virus Part 1 05:33
6. Cybernaum: Under the Stars 09:24
7. Synthasy: Sky is not made for drones 04:43
8. Synth replicants: Let there be life 06:20
9. Micado: Voices for Hope 05:31
10. Robert Kalyos: The Cathedral of Dreams 08:29
11. Spectral Tune: Street Number 24 04:12
12. ToXyGeNeDK: Electro Language Part 1 05:23
13. ALLUSTE: We are Angel 03:51
14. Dreams of a Dolphin: Numbers of Mankind 06:48

Help us to help the people in Ukraine through the Winter!

- Alfano, Roberto (Robert Kalyos)
- Durwael, Daniel (Synthasy)
- Friedrich, Torben (ToxygeneDK)
- Lemaire, Frans (Micado)
- Liedes, Tero (Cybernaum)
- Matheisen, Erik (Spectral Tune)
- Monachello, Piero (ALLUSTE)
- Thomhav, Per & Labrecque, Steve (Synth Replicants)
- Voigthaus, Tilo (Dreams of a Dolphin)

The musicians named above form a community of interest to help people in Ukraine as “Band Aid for Ukraine”.

Every download goes 100% to help the people of Ukraine!

Released on 1st of January 2024


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Helical Coil - Cytisus Scoparius

New track entitled "Cytisus Scoparius" by the artist Helical Coil, now playing on M.P.R Ambient.



German music producer Helical Coil is a new artist who came up in 2023 with his first releases that year. Still self described as a novice, his track “Cytisus Scoparius” stands out from his discography. The song is deeply atmospheric and takes the listener on a journey from start to finish. Every detail is perfectly coordinated with each other. The sequences provide the driving sound.

Arno Schaaf, known as Helical Coil, was born in northern Germany and now lives in the southern part of Germany. Helical Coil took his first steps into music production in mid-2021. Driven by the attempt to officially release a track as an absolute beginner, he began to delve into the subject of music. Over time he tried out a number of genres (including Trance, EDM), before finally diving deeper into the ambient genre in 2023. Here he tries out different sub-genres. His goal for the near future is to slowly build up his Discog and gain some fans. He creates, mixes and masters his tracks himself in his little home (office) studio using the simplest tools.

Released on January 4th, 2024

Information and Links:

Spotify - Artist, Track

Soundcloud, Instagram


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Mental Minority - Cordicopolis

The latest album by Mental Minority entitled "Cordicopolis" now playing on M.P.R Chill.



Producer Mental Minority is what Skyrim is to the PS3 world. Noteworthy, respected and continually revered, Bremen’s jewel in a synthesizer crown keeps shining alight in the darkness of the unworthy.. and the delusion of the untalented. Mental Minority makes it all seem real and extremely “Kraftwerk” & “Fear of Tigers” possible.

Track List:

1. Cordicopolis 06:29
2. Disco Melancholica 05:01
3. Wastelands 06:12
4. Burn Everything 04:00
5. Ism Incorporated 04:03
6. Lost 05:33
7. Frontier 06:48
8. Haunted Playgrounds 07:06
9. Seclusion 05:32
10. Childhood Whispers 05:43
11. On all your truths 04:09
12. We shouldn´t part on a bitter note 04:27

Cordicopolis was released today on Spotify, Apple & most other streaming services.

Information and Links:

Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube


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Rom - Mammoth

We start the New Year with a track entitled "Mammoth" by Rom now playing on M.P.R Chill.



Rom is joined by the dynamic Ghost Gun, in the latest track "MAMMOTH," the climax of Rom's creative journey in 2023.⁣

"MAMMOTH" is an audacious blend of expansive soundscapes and warm, analogue synthesizer tones. The track is the brainchild of four unique artists, united by friendship and a shared vision for ground breaking music. Our recent work, including Ghost Gun's "Venom," nominated for Best Newcomer EDM/Dance video by the UK Music Video Awards, exemplifies our commitment to excellence in sound and visuals.⁣

The heart of "MAMMOTH" lies in its collaborative spirit. River, known as rrombus, crafted the visual art, infusing the project with a visually striking identity. Charlie, aka romrres, brought the distinct arrangement and sound design that defines the Rom experience. From Ghost Gun, Taylor's mastery over progression and theory keeps the track engaging yet refreshingly simple. Lastly, Reginald's fusion of bass and hip-hop elements adds an undeniable impact.⁣


Info and Links:

Spotify - Artist, Track

Soundcloud, Instagram


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