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Carl Lord - Exosphere

'Exosphere' by Carl Lord is now playing on M.P.R Ambient.



Release date: Jun 28, 2024

"Exosphere", taken from the forthcoming EP 'Weightless', is a serene ambient piece that beautifully blends piano and orchestral elements. Its delicate rhythms create a light, airy atmosphere, perfect for moments of relaxation and introspection. Let the gentle melodies and subtle harmonies transport you to a tranquil soundscape, ideal for unwinding and finding peace.

For a sense of freedom and floating, 'Weightless' (released on 19th July 24) is an EP that will take you on a dreamlike journey with ambient pads and textures for a calm and relaxing sense of discovery.

Track List:

01 Exosphere (3:27)
02 Beckley Creek (4:11)
03 Euclidean Space (5:49)
04 Weightless (6:08)
05 Awakening (5:34)

Carl embarked on his musical voyage of discovery at five years of age, guided by a great uncle who was a classically trained, concert pianist. Soon after, Carl began taking piano lessons and singing in the youth choir at his local church. Throughout his adolescent and high school years, Carl took part in various talent competitions and piano recitals. As his love for music continued to grow, Carl began playing piano, organ, and keyboards in various local and regional R&B, Pop, Rock, Country, and Gospel bands during and after his graduation from college.

Carl has played on numerous albums, film scores, and commercials while performing at the prestigious Kentucky Derby Winner's Party. Sharing the stage with such well-known recording artists as Steve Warner, Reba McEntire, Louise Mandrel, and John Anderson, Carl has also recorded with Grammy award winner, the late Lynn Peterzell, whose engineering credits include Giant Records, Clint Black, and the country remake of the "Eagles Greatest Hits."

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