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EBlo - Farmers Eye

The track entitled 'Farmers Eye' by EBlo is now playing on M.P.R Ambient.



Released March 17th 2023.

Inspired by the film Blade Runner 2049, Farmers Eye was originally composed as one long 11 minute track. It was later decided to split the track into two parts, the second part becoming a seperate piece entitled 'Farmers Return'. Keep tuned to M.P.R as 'Farmers Return' is coming to the airwaves soon.

EBlo is an english musician based in Sweden creating ambient and textured soundscapes. Throwing out the rule book and creating music that covers a wide range of genres from ambient electronic to stirring classical.

Heavily inspired by his love for storytelling through film, tv and game soundtracks he creates both sonically and visually. This can be seen fully when he performs a live visual audio show in which he plays his music to his own visuals that he creates.

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