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Giardini Oort - Dark Thoughts

Newly released single entitled "Dark Thoughts" by Giardini Oort, now playing on M.P.R Ambient.



Giardini Oort is an Italian-based artist, originally a percussionist who has expanded over time his musical knowledge starting from world music and arrived today at an electronic, meditative and relaxation genre.

Released on January 24th 2024, "Dark Thoughts" is a profound statement wrapped in sound, conceived amidst the solemn reflections on the tragedies of war, particularly those affecting the innocent lives of children in conflict zones such as Syria and Gaza. The genesis of "Dark Thoughts" is deeply rooted in the emotional impact elicited by a video produced by Banksy's team for the #withSyria campaign released 9 years ago, the haunting echoes of recent harrowing events have renewed its poignant relevance, inspiring this song.

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