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Graziano Tassi - Early Morning, October

New track by Graziano Tassi entitled 'Early Morning, October' now playing on M.P.R Ambient.



Graziano Tassi is a Paris-based composer and musician, who works with a cinematic mixture of found sounds, field recordings, verbal texts, and instrumental melodies.

Born in Milan, Graziano Tassi initially relocated to Paris where he played bass and guitar for Parisian bands such as Rovski and Nothing with Nothing.

Now reconnecting to his own original compositions, his musical aesthetic focuses attention on the mundanities of everyday life and the beauty of distressed situations.

'Early Morning, October' is taken from the album 'The end is where we started from'.

Graziano Tassi began the composition of “The end is where we started from” in October 2022 using field recordings he collected in the Mont Saint-Michel Bay and along the Brittany coastline of St. Malo. “The end is where we started from is a soundtrack to Autumn’s transition, where the vibrant activity of summer shifts in the direction of winter’s slumber. There is a shedding, a letting go that occurs, before rest, rejuvenation, and reimagining can occur.” - Graziano Tassi

The ten tracks of the album reflect an introspective and meditational atmosphere, through field recordings, found sounds, electronic and organic instruments, creating experimental oneiric soundscapes and eerie minimalistic melodies that lure us into a transitional space.

The end is where we started from song list:

1. The Door We Never Opened
2. Early Morning, October
3. Windy Rooms
4. Chrysanthemums
5. Voices From and Empty Apartment
6. On a Cliff
7. Northern Moors
8. Autumn on a Solitary Beach
9. Intervals
10. The End is Where We Started From
All songs composed, played, mixed, and mastered by Graziano Tassi

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