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Hanetration - Resonator

The new EP entitled 'Resonator' by Hanetration is now featuring on M.P.R Ambient.



After a six-year hiatus 'Hanetration' is back with his 11th EP!

An anonymous producer based in Cornwall, releasing a steady stream of acclaimed digital EPs. Early releases were made in London and married dense sound collages with industrial rhythms and drifting ambient drones. Since relocating to rural Cornwall, his recent work has flirted with abstract field recordings and minimal dub techno. Hanetration's work has been featured in several short films and dance pieces. He has only recently begun playing low-key live shows.

'Resonator' was released on 28th February, 2024

Track List:

1.Breathe 06:15
2.Human 03:16
3.Cage 01:46
4.Bones 08:55
5.Winter 04:36

Information and Links:

Spotify, Bandcamp, Facebook


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