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Helical Coil - The Birth of Aetheria

Released Today! The new track by Helical Coil entitled 'The birth of Aetheria', now playing on M.P.R Ambient.



Released May 2nd, 2024

'The Birth of Aetheria'

Helical Coil, unveils his latest track: “The Birth of Aetheria”. This ambient track transcends conventional genres, inviting listeners on a mesmerizing journey through soundscapes.

In the beginning , the plucks can lead the listener to the wrong genre, but when the sequences are coming in, it becomes clear what the song wanted to tell. From the driving kick and bass to the expansive lush pads, listeners are drawn into a hypnotic state. Each transition is deliberate, inviting introspection and reflection. As the ever-evolving sequences unfold, a serene calm settles over the listener.

“The Birth of Aetheria” is available now on all major streaming platforms including Spotify. Immerse yourself in its ethereal embrace and let the music guide you beyond the ordinary.

Helical Coil

Arno Schaaf, known as Helical Coil, was born in northern Germany and now living in the southern part of Germany. Helical Coil took his first steps into music production in mid-2021. Driven by the attempt to officially release a track as an absolute beginner, he began to delve into the subject of music. Over time he tried out a number of genres (including Trance, EDM), before finally diving deeper into the ambient genre.

Helical Coil, has released since the end of 2023, ten tracks in the ambient genre. “The birth of Aetheria” is his second track broadcast by Moon Phase Radio, beside his first aired song “Cytisus Scoparius”.

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