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Ryvage - L'aube

From the new EP 'Les Nuits II' by Ryvage, the track 'L'aube' is now playing on M.P.R Ambient.



Ryvage (meaning "shore") is an electronic musician from Luxembourg who blends ambient techno and synthwave in a hypnotic, multi-faceted live performance.

His latest tracks from the “Les Nuits I” EP, released in July 2023, have been remixed by artists such as Djedjotronic (Italo Moderni, Boysnoize Records), Madben and Etienne Jaumet (Zombie Zombie) and played on European radio stations such as BBC Radio 6 Music, 808 Radio and Tsugi Radio. On the live side, Ryvage has supported artists such as Rone (FR), Vitalic (FR), Throwing Snow (UK), Christian Löffler (DE) and Blanck Mass (UK), and performed at festivals like Les Aralunaires (BE), Murex (FR) and Siren's Call (LU).

His narrative and conceptual approach to music has also led him to conceive and produce music for sound installations & soundwalks (Nightsongs - 2022) as well as for radio and theatre pieces.

L’AUBE with Pascal Schumacher

Ryvage and percussionist, composer and producer Pascal Schumacher had already worked together on remixes, and this new collaboration allowed them to explore new musical horizons by establishing a dialogue between the textures of industrial field-recordings, acoustic percussion, and electronic soundscapes. L'Aube (the dawn in French) is a journey, an invitation to leave behind the noise and the nightmarish meanderings of the steel factories and their sprawling cities... 

EP 'LES NUITS II' Released on 5 July 2024

Electronic musician Ryvage has released Les Nuits II, a 4 track EP exploring the facets of the postindustrial night. Originally produced for a nocturnal interactive soundwalk project, the tracks are based on field recordings made in active and disused steelworks in southern Luxembourg.

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