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Casajack - Doopbeat

New track entitled "Doopbeat" by artist Casajack, now playing on M.P.R Chill.



An ethereal offering, the first single from newcomer Casajack evokes the warmth of sun-dappled island afternoons, dotted with melodic vocal samples, minimalist guitar lines and a laid-back groove.

Speaking on the track, Casajack said:

“I made ‘Doopbeat’ after an absolutely unreal summer in Ibiza last year. I wanted to capture the feeling of watching the sun dip behind the horizon each night, the blue sky slowly filling with a fiery orange. I hope I’ve bottled those moments with this track.”

About Casajack:

Irish producer and DJ, Casajack, is an artist of considerable range. From light and playful electronic beats with bubbling basslines to edgy synths and darker rhythms, each track exhibits the producer’s ability to blend technical skill with emotive depth.

Looking ahead to 2024, expect a range of captivating instrumental releases that encompass harmonically rich electronic sounds. Traversing the scope of electro and house, Casajack isn’t afraid to experiment with sound and challenge the notions of what is expected.

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