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East Hills - Arcadia

New track by East Hills entitled 'Arcadia' now playing on MPR Chill.



East Hills, a talented artist known for creating music with a laid-back vibe and carefully crafted ambiance, has released a new gem - “arcadia.” This track is part of his latest album, study sesh v.1, a collection designed to be the perfect companion for those deep in study sessions. With “arcadia,” East Hills takes listeners on a journey through tranquil melodies and soothing beats, creating an immersive sonic experience that complements the album’s overall vibe.

In “arcadia,” East Hills showcases his signature style, infusing the track with a casual and laid-back tone. The music effortlessly weaves through calming instrumental layers, providing a peaceful backdrop for concentration. As part of study sesh v.1, “arcadia” contributes to an auditory landscape that aids productivity and enhances the study atmosphere.

Released: Oct 25, 2023

Links and further information:

Spotify (Track), Soundcloud, Instagram, Spotify (Album)


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