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Keena Maya - A Deeper Calling

New track entitled "A Deeper Calling" by Keena Maya now playing on M.P.R Chill.



Keena Maya invokes a nocturnal world where the scene is set for sound magic with her debut #BASSBLISS single ‘A Deeper Calling’. The depths of Keena Maya's sound are incantations, drawing us down into our roots, grounding us into our bodies, and invoking the incandescent deity within us to rise.

"A Deeper Calling" opens onto a percolating nocturnal world where the scene is set for sound magic. A whisper of a breath calls forth a languid yet funky groove, driven by a subterranean bass, and sparkled by fairy dust. A break is reached and the pause opens up the magic further. Evolving from the ancestral realm, the theme now expands into an organic vision of future bass. Chord stabs amplify the crystalline elegance and give it an earthy charge. Finally returning home, the scene is transformed, and the night echoes with the resonance of a deeper calling.

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