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LA.RS - Wavy

The single 'Wavy' by artist LA//RS, now playing on M.P.R Chill.



Artist LA//RS is originally from Norway, now living in the US. Previously been producing both under different aliases and for other artists, and the last few years also done more film, tv, theatre and commercials. This new direction can be heard in his more atmospheric, emotive sound. Moving easily through genres and moods, but still keeping his overall sound. His music is characterised by its driving rhythms, lush soundscapes, emotive melodies and blended genres. Always looking for new ways to express himself through his art, his music is ever evolving.

'Wavy' is the first single from the coming EP 4x1, and the focus is mellow energy with a blend of acoustic and electronic elements, infused with the odd, but complimenting vocal samples throughout, both his own and sampled ones. Although the tempo is quite quick at 120 bpm, the song feels chill and dreamy.


Et Lite Plateselskap is a new label, meaning A Small Record Label in Norwegian, where it’s founded. Focused on finding emerging talent, as well as digging up unreleased projects from established artists that need a new chance.

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