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Simon Chazal - Cascade

Track entitled 'Cascade' by Simon Chazal, now playing on M.P.R Chill.



Released April 17th, 2024

Simius Anima/Simon Chazal is a young French artist who discovered from an early age the pleasure of playing music. He began playing the guitar at the age of 11 and gradually expanded his range of instruments. Later, he discovered MAO and saw a way to create a harmonious between his instruments and electronic music. A style emerges quite quickly, an Ambient music offering a moment of respite soft and melancholic on aerial and swaying rhythms. Authentic and true to himself and his vision of music, he creates a self-taught musical production that reflects and satisfies him: Ambient and instrumental music that is both intense and natural.

His second album, "Cycle", retraces a path strewn with difficulties. Through 7 tracks, he first expresses a certain melancholy, particularly with the song "Cascade", a soft, dreamy sound that hypnotically carries us along with it. Next, the artist reveals more of his qualities with increasingly catchy rhythms building to a crescendo of power. Concluding with strength and character, he brings us to an end filled with determination and hope in a world of achievement and serenity.

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