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Spacey Panda - Just Another Day

New track by Spacey Panda entitled 'Just Another Day' now playing on M.P.R Chill.



Spacey Panda is a Canadian artist and producer with a direct and one-of-a-kind focus on making music that blurs the lines between different genres, with a strong emphasis on electronic sounds.

'Just Another Day', represent Spacey Panda visionary and unique stylistic output. The song immediately stands out for its immersive quality. The “found sound” samples, featuring noise from city living, subway trains and even birds, makes for a very textural flow. The musical components of the song shape-shift in unique ways. One moment, you’re grooving to a drum-n-bass type flow. The other, a roaring rock guitar jumps to the forefront of the music, dishing out riffs with amazing power, only to fade back into a more mellow part. The arrangement is full of twists and turns, and listeners can’t predict what’s going to hit them next!

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