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'Strange New Worlds' by Joerg Dankert

New album entitled 'Strange New Worlds' by Joerg Dankert now featuring on M.P.R Ambient.



In the words of Joerg Dankert:

“To explore strange new worlds; seek new life and new civilizations; to go boldly where no man has gone before!”

In my youth, I heard those words a hundred times. This quote is from the opening of the Starship Enterprise TV show. Now, many decades later, I am witnessing major advances in space exploration, fascinating new technologies, and detailed images from the universe and animations about exoplanets.

"Strange new worlds" is atmospheric, with lots of soundscapes and sound effects, sometimes dark and then melodic again. I didn't break many new paths, but stayed true to myself and my preferences. The tones and sounds are all invented and recorded by me. Presets are sometimes a starting point for me, but they're always being modified.

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