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'The End Again' by Mental Minority

New track 'The End Again' from Mental Minority now featuring on MPR Chill.



In the words of Mental Minority:

Heard an old interview with Aldous Huxley recently, in which he talked about the threats of "impersonal forces" and "technical devices" leading to "less freedom" and "imposing control". It made me think about how obviously every generation thinks that it lives in a very special time - perhaps in the last days of some specific constitutional human qualities being erased by new technologies, in the last days of mankind, the last days before the apocalypse, whatever.

Looking back, one could be amused and think: If you knew about the "impersonal forces" and "technical devices" we have today... One step further, one could take this as a hint that the situation today isn't that much different from the past. But even the experience of fears of past generations being the same as ours today does not seem to make it very much easier for anyone - there’s rather still a strong feeling that machines will take over mankind and...destroy humans.

So I guess it's the end. Again.

Released December 11, 2021

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