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Corciolli - H2O

New album entitled H2O by Corciolli now featuring on Moon Phase Radio - Ambient.



Corciolli casts his gaze on the theme of H2O; he raises it from the essence of the sound language. In it, nothing is really extramusical. The eightmovement suite that composes the album revisits important legacies of electronic music, inspired by orchestral sonorities produced by Isao Tomita (1932-2016), Vangelis (1943-2022), and exponents of the so-called Berlin School, such as Klaus Schulze (1947-2022).

Released on March 22nd, World Water Day, the work is a permanent invitation to reflect on our environmental and humanitarian responsibilities. What is our role in the cycles of life, indeed?

1. H2O: I. Life Cycles (06:27)
2. H2O: II. Phytoplankton (04:58)
3. H2O: III. Méduse (04:29)
4. H2O: IV. Hydrosphere (04:34)
5. H2O: V. Permafrost (04:59)
6. H2O: VI. Carbon Cetacea (04:56)
7. H2O: VII. The Fountains of Paradise (11:33)
8. H2O: VIII. Aurora (04:41)

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