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Julia Gjertsen - 'Undo'

New track from Julia Gjertsen entitled 'Undo', now featuring on MPR Chill.



Julia Gjertsen is a pianist and composer based in Oslo, Norway. Her music seamlessly blends piano and electronic elements to create immersive soundscapes that evoke powerful emotions. With her gentle playing style, she explores dynamics and creates delicate, yet impactful compositions. Inspired by the beauty of nature, Julia invites listeners on a journey into her musical world through her introspective compositions that reflect on the delicate balance between the past and present. Her work can be likened to Yann Tiersen, Ólafur Arnalds, Hania Rani, and Biosphere.

Taken from the label 'Deep Heads' latest compilation titled Cosmic Vibrations Vol. 4. Available on all usual digital platforms.

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