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Unfold the Universe by Peter Gagliardi

'Unfold the Universe' by Peter Gagliardi is now featuring on Moon Phase Radio.



Peter Gagliardi has been composing electronic soundtrack music on the side since 2006, heavily influenced by space, science, sci-fi and video games.

Released on October 25th, 'Unfold the Universe' takes its inspiration from the James Webb Telescope.

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) was launched on December 25, 2021 - expressly designed to provide data to scientists that could lead to breakthroughs about the Universe around us. It is focused on observing light in the near and mid-infrared bands of the light spectrum, where we are able to see beyond the interference of intergalactic dust.

It was designed to Unfold the Universe!

The first images taken in its fully deployed, fully calibrated state were released on July 12, 2022. These first five images, along with 3 others released subsequently, have been used as inspiration for each of the tracks in "Unfold the Universe".

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