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Voices of the Martyrs - Solas

'Solas' the new EP from Voices of the Martyrs, now featuring on Moon Phase Radio.



In Voices of the Martyrs own words -

We are a group of musicians who write for the love of creating music that serves as a soundtrack to life. We do not want our words to get in the way, so we keep our songs instrumental, for the purpose of letting the song serve the listener where they are at in life. Whether it be remembering the past, looking ahead to the future or living in the moment; it is our hope that our songs serve the listener in each situation in different ways.

Wanting to explore music as a universal language of its own, we set out to sit and compose songs as they flowed. The EP "Solas" is actually one song, broken up into 5 individual parts. When played together our hope is the EP sparks the imagination of every listener. Yet the songs have been designed in a way that if they are listened to individually the listener can still enjoy them.

Overall, we write music in a way that hopefully works as a soundtrack for the listeners own life.

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