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Tonbild - Atmosphäre

The new single from Tonbild entitled 'Atmosphäre' is now featuring on M.P.R Chill.



Tonbild creates dreamy chill-out music with atmospheric drifting pads and soft beats.

Inspired by modern ambient music and mellow movie soundtracks. The project took shape during the pandemic and has so far seen the releases of Traumreisen (EP), Grenzenlos (EP), Zeitlos (single) and Wolkenlos (single).

Tonbild has recently entered into a partnership with Ekko Agency, and they will act as his sync agent in audio and audio visual productions.
Inspirational artists include 36, AK, Vangelis, Hilyard, Ulrich Schnauss, Tycho, Jon Hopkins and Brian Eno.
The brand-new single 'Atmosphäre
' is released on the 29th of September 2023.



Mental Minority - 'Ism Incorporated'

New two track single entitled 'Ism Incorporated' by Mental Minority featuring on M.P.R - Chill



"Producer Mental Minority is what Skyrim is to the PS3 world. Noteworthy, respected and continually revered, Bremen’s jewel in a synthesizer crown keeps shining alight in the darkness of the unworthy.. and the delusion of the untalented. Mental Minority makes it all seem real and extremely “Kraftwerk” & “Fear of Tigers” possible."

'Ism Incorporated' was released on September 1st 2023, for more information and a free download please visit -

The Polymusicon - Transformation Of Matter

Released today, The Polymusicon's new album entitled 'Transformation Of Matter' is now featuring on Moon Phase Radio - Ambient.



Mind creates music, and the music creates The Polymusicon - ambient rhythms and sequences that explore time, space and energy.

Graeme Nattress started the experiment that became The Polymusicon in 2016, with the goal of combining electronic music with creative visualizations.

For more information -


Sonaura - Noumena

New album by Sonaura entitled 'Noumena' now featuring on MPR Ambient.



'Noumena' is the new album from UK-based musician, Sonaura. Developed from experiments with tape loops, synths and field recordings, the album deals with the complex theme of objective reality and mental health.

Sonaura utilises the textures of worn out cassettes to present a beautiful, dreamy, nostalgic, yet slightly unhinged and unreliable narrative of events throughout the album.

Released by label 'Perceptual Tapes' on 6th September 2023.

For more information please visit -

Richard Zelada - 'Oneironautics'

New album from Richard Zelada entitled 'Oneironautics' now featuring on MPR Ambient.



Richard Zelada is a Creator of Sounds. He says, "My goal is to push Boundaries and remind people that Originality still exist. You don't have to sound and look the same as everyone else to share with the world your Abilities. Be Who you were born to BE. LEAD not Follow"
His new album 'Oneironautics' is released on the 23rd August 2023.
Track listing

1) Intro - Forever    
2) We Are Not The Same 
3) Tiny Orange Paws    
4) The Lotus Pond  
5) Walking on Water 
6) Keys of Joy 
7) The Oneironaut 

For more information and other releases from Richard Zelada, please visit - SpotifyiTunesDeezer and YouTube


New website, now fully operational

New website now up and running!

We had no intention of building a new website but problems with the old site and host left us with little choice. We're hoping this new site will serve everyone better and enables a little more interaction. You can now leave comments on each blog/news post and also sign our guestbook if you just want to say hello.

We still have work to do transferring the years of news entries over to the new blog and a few things which need tweaking and improving. This will take somewhat of a back seat as we need to continue releasing new music and get back to normal business.

Best Wishes


Four albums by the artist 'MICADO'

Four albums by the artist 'MICADO' have been added to general rotation on M.P.R Ambient.


Three new albums by 'migloJE

Three new albums by 'migloJE' added to general rotation on Moon Phase Radio Ambient.


Corciolli - H2O

New album entitled H2O by Corciolli now featuring on Moon Phase Radio - Ambient.



Corciolli casts his gaze on the theme of H2O; he raises it from the essence of the sound language. In it, nothing is really extramusical. The eightmovement suite that composes the album revisits important legacies of electronic music, inspired by orchestral sonorities produced by Isao Tomita (1932-2016), Vangelis (1943-2022), and exponents of the so-called Berlin School, such as Klaus Schulze (1947-2022).

Released on March 22nd, World Water Day, the work is a permanent invitation to reflect on our environmental and humanitarian responsibilities. What is our role in the cycles of life, indeed?

1. H2O: I. Life Cycles (06:27)
2. H2O: II. Phytoplankton (04:58)
3. H2O: III. Méduse (04:29)
4. H2O: IV. Hydrosphere (04:34)
5. H2O: V. Permafrost (04:59)
6. H2O: VI. Carbon Cetacea (04:56)
7. H2O: VII. The Fountains of Paradise (11:33)
8. H2O: VIII. Aurora (04:41)

For more information:


'Strange New Worlds' by Joerg Dankert

New album entitled 'Strange New Worlds' by Joerg Dankert now featuring on M.P.R Ambient.



In the words of Joerg Dankert:

“To explore strange new worlds; seek new life and new civilizations; to go boldly where no man has gone before!”

In my youth, I heard those words a hundred times. This quote is from the opening of the Starship Enterprise TV show. Now, many decades later, I am witnessing major advances in space exploration, fascinating new technologies, and detailed images from the universe and animations about exoplanets.

"Strange new worlds" is atmospheric, with lots of soundscapes and sound effects, sometimes dark and then melodic again. I didn't break many new paths, but stayed true to myself and my preferences. The tones and sounds are all invented and recorded by me. Presets are sometimes a starting point for me, but they're always being modified.

For more Information:


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