Moon Phase Radio

Trans-Lunar Ambience

Terms & Copyright


Music Copyright

Moon Phase Radio is a non-profit privately funded entity.

Music played on M.P.R (Moon Phase Radio) is either copyrighted and released under a Creative Commons License or is played on Moon Phase Radio at the request of the artist or the copyright holder.

The act of submitting music, either direct or via third party agent, for air-play consideration is granting permission and copyright exemption for Moon Phase Radio to broadcast or stream submitted music. Permissions can be withdrawn and music removed from our data base via a written request to desist sent via means of official contact.

Jingles & Station Id's

Some of our jingles contain quotations from the Apollo Missions, we do not in any way claim any kind of copyright regarding those quotations and neither do we profit as a result of said quotations. Moon Phase Radio is a non-profit privately funded entity. Our intention is to create a theme in honor of humankind's greatest ever technological achievement.


The music heard on MPR is designed for the purpose of relaxation and meditation.



Some tracks contain alpha waves, which are both safe and effective, to help the meditative process. Alpha waves are one type of brain waves (in the frequency range of 8–12 Hz) detected either by electroencephalography (EEG) or magnetoencephalography (MEG) and predominantly originate from the occipital lobe during wakeful relaxation with closed eyes. Alpha waves are reduced with open eyes and drowsiness and sleep. They are thought to represent the activity of the visual cortex in an idle state. It is highly recommended that listening to MPR is best done in a safe environment when alertness is not required.

Therefore listening to Moon Phase Radio is done at your own risk and we take no responsibility for the effect, consequence, use or misuse of our radio stream or broadcast.